@IFAnthology: Crime @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

The IF Anthologies are always full of talented and interesting work from a variety of comic creators. As a lover of mysteries and crime based stories I was beyond excited to learn that the latest addition would be Crime. Within this collected volume there are stories for everyone, even those who do not have a penchant for stories full of murder, death, and drama like I do.

With such an impressive collection of stories in one volume I have just highlighted some of my favorites, though the entire volume is definitely worth a read. In Zach Bassett’s Bump in the Night we are first introduced to a man known as the Motel Murderer. While he has vile plans for the evening there is someone else who has been keeping an eye on the killer. This specific story is perfect for fans of Dexter and admittedly surprised me with all of the details that our vigilante provided. Citizen Scorn from Brian Level and Chas! Pangburn, with art by K.R. Whalen, begins with the reveal that police officers have been found dead throughout the city. While two officers are on patrol they find themselves attacked by a woman who identifies herself as Citizen Scorn. Even though she is wearing a police officer’s uniform she is anything, but an average cop. Her mission is to take down corrupt officers through the use of her cyborg-like abilities. I hope to see more of this series in the future because that ending left me excited to see more of Scorn.

There are a few very short comics that shocked me as I was reading them. The first was Dream Weaver, which is only a few pages. In this story we watch as Ichabod, Iggy, Barker appears to celebrate his birthday, but things are not as they appear. When he reaches what appears to be the happiest moment of the night we are thrown into a dark room where a man holds the power to return Iggy to his dream world. Game Day has one of the most intense murder plots I have ever read, with a seemingly innocuous murder weapon. During the big game a man begins chocking, but instead of trying to save him the people around him actively try to ensure he dies. As the story progresses it gets more and more intense and I honestly was not expecting chocking to kill someone in this anthology. The one that literally made me yell out loud while reading it was Future Imperfect. In this story droids are in charge of investigating crimes, but due to the fact that a murder hasn’t occurred in some time a retired detective is brought in. As he reads the scene he sounds remarkably knowledgeable and I thought perhaps he was being set up as a sort of genius detective, but I was totally wrong. If I tell you what happens it will totally ruin the shock value, but it is worth the suspense.

The final story I wanted to mention struck me as it was so unexpected. No Dawn for a Pawn is written and drawn like a traditional Dr. Seuss story. Yes, it’s a crime comic that looks like it should include green eggs and ham in the bar scenes. I was just so startled to see a story that looked so much like Seuss with such a dark storyline. It is suspenseful and interesting and uses the nostalgic feel of Seuss to make the story even more intense. Even if you’ve never read an IF Anthology before, IF Anthology: Crime is the perfect read and allows you to see the work of a number of talented creators. The stories examine so many different elements of the crime genre that there is definitely something for everyone in this collection.

You can find The IF Anthology: Crime in stores on Wednesday, November 22nd.

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