Amazing Age #4 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

In the fourth issue of Amazing Age the Statue of Liberty has been destroyed by the nefarious Stilted Seven. S.A.V.E., one of our team of heroes, decides to investigate the blast, which leaves the young and still not fully trained members of J.E.T., Sam, Mike and Violet, to hide out back at headquarters under the watchful eye of two trained heroes. With the teams split up the villains take their chance to attack those who are fated to destroy them.

Mike is coping with being left at headquarters by working on a brand new comic, which frustrates Sam. While the other two teenagers have begun to develop their powers Mike is proving to have issues tapping into his alternate personality’s strength. What begins as an argument turns into a moment for growth as Sam, Mike, and Violet finally talk through the issues that have been keeping them apart. Though J.E.T. has begun to rebuild their friendship and their ability to work as a team, they are now the sole targets of the villains. If J.E.T. is destroyed they can never lose and once they enter S.A.V.E. headquarters it looks like our heroes are in serious danger. Are our teen heroes ready for what’s to come? Will they be able master their powers in time? Find out in in Amazing Age #4!

What I love about this series is the way that it blends imagination with real life. Mike, Violet, and Sam were all just regular kids who used to pretend to be superheroes when they were younger and have found themselves in the world they created. Not only does this hearken back to an older age of comics, but it also examines what happens when you begin to grow older and grow apart from the people you once considered your close friends. Our three main characters don’t just grow as heroes, but they are growing as people. I can’t wait to check out the final issue and see just what happens to our teen heroes.

You can find Amazing Age #4 in stores on Wednesday, November 29th.

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