Lilith Dark #4 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

Lilith Dark #4 is the conclusion of a wonderfully imaginative and action packed series that focuses on our young title character. Lilith is trying to escape from the beasties inside a surprisingly dangerous tree, but she’s not alone. Her older siblings, Dewey and Becky, have also found themselves drawn into the adventure. With twists and turns like you wouldn’t believe this issue shows Lilith in her finest beastie battling form.

Dewey and Becky have been separated from Lilith and find themselves dealing with a hoard of beasties as well as a very dangerous drop. Using some video game knowledge Dewey insists they can get across, but that isn’t even the most frightening thing they’ll have to deal with. When they finally find Lilith she is atop her T-Rex friend, Dinozillus, who is going to help them make it to safety. When it looks like they will escape the trio and their dinosaur friend are attacked by the no longer cute Kitty, who has grown to epic proportions. A battle breaks out between the two massive monsters, but when Spoon arrives Lilith finds herself having to battle the dangerous Kitty on her own. Find out just what happens next for our hero, her siblings, and her friend Spoon in the final issue of Lilith Dark.

The Lilith Dark comics are always such a delight to read. Lilith is a brave and adorable heroine who is willing to face off against any beastie that might come her way. Not only do I love her brave nature, but she is so relatable to young readers. She is willing to stand up for her friends and even when real beasties aren’t around she indulges in letting her imagination run wild. You will absolutely love this issue of Lilith Dark and I hope to see more of her in the future.

You can find Lilith Dark #4 in stores on Wednesday, November 29th.

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