Happy Birthday #GH ‘s @JohnJYork Mac Scorpio via @stacyamiller85 @GeneralHospital #GeneralHospital #Werewolf Eric Cord

On July 11, 1987, I watched a new pilot on FOX called Werewolf.  I became an immediate fan of the series and the young actor who played the lead character, Eric Cord.  That actor was John J. York.

I had always been a fan of movie monsters.  I love the old Hollywood monster movies of the 1930s and 40s.  The Wolfman (1941) starring Lon Chaney Jr. as Larry Talbot was a particular favorite of mine as strange as it may sound, the legend of the werewolf always held a fascination for me. When I first saw American Werewolf in London (1981) starring David Naughton, I was impressed by the special effects and thought I’d never see another werewolf saga as amazing.  I was wrong. When Werewolf came to television, I was in awe. The story, acting and special effects marveled anything I had seen.  And with John J. York’s portrayal of Eric, you felt this character’s pain as he sought a cure to the curse that destroyed his life.  Eric was a fighter and viewers fought along with him, wanting a happy ending for the character. And for the series, which unfortunately was canceled in 1988.


In 1991, John J. York joined the cast of General Hospital as Malcolm “Mac” Scorpio the estranged younger brother of Tristan Rogers’ Robert Scorpio.  The charm York brought to the Aussie rogue made him an immediate fan favorite.  And pairing Mac with Felicia Jones was magic. I had the privilege of meeting John J. York in person in 1988 at the World on Wheels Auto Show in Philadelphia and in the 1991 at a Fans of General Hospital luncheon in Studio City, CA. He was very gracious to fans and it was obvious that he appreciated the support. it was a pleasure seeing him in person again at General Hospital Fantasy Events on Saturday, May 4, 2019:







So on this December 10 your birthday John, I wish you continued success and happiness.

Comments? Sound off below. Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .


Comments? Sound off below. Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .



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