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General Hospital Fantasy Events Philadelphia held a Teals Got Talent event on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at Helium Comedy Club. General Hospital actors Lynn Herring (Lucy), John J. York (Mac), Kathleen Gati (Liesl), Michael Easton (Finn) and Rebecca Budig (Hayden) attended with proceeds benefiting Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation was founded by Adriana Way sister of Sandy Rollman and Sandy’s nurse Robin Cohen in memory of Sandy, who passed away in May, 2000 from advanced ovarian cancer. The organization’s mission is “To fight for those who are fighting, speak for those who have fallen silent and provide for those who are working towards the end of ovarian cancer and their vision is a world without ovarian cancer.  It is in Sandy’s memory and the memory of all women who have succumbed to this insidious disease, that we have dedicated our efforts to help conquer ovarian cancer. Sandy Rollman was a fighter in the truest sense of the word. It would have been a mistake for us to just give up.”(Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation)

To that end, the Sally Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation works tirelessly to get founding for ovarian cancer research. Part of that involves organizing events. GH Fantasy Events is responsible for numerous chances for fans of ABC’s General Hospital to meet their favorite actors from the long running daytime drama.

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, Lynn Herring (Lucy), John J. York (Mac), Kathleen Gati (Liesl), Michael Easton (Finn) and Rebecca Budig (Hayden) appeared at Helium Comedy Club at 2035 Sansom Street in Philadelphia, PA for a GH Fantasy Event Teals Got Talent. The event provided an opportunity for fans to meet and greet with the actors, have photos taken and obtain autographs. Then, there was a question and answer session, followed by the Teals Got Talent show where ovarian cancer survivors took to the stage to perform and compete for the coveted mirror ball trophy.

As a Philadelphia native and General Hospital fan since 1979, I knew I would attend this event. Not only was I looking forward to meeting John J. York again (I’ve been a fan of his since I first seen him in 1987 when he starred as Eric Cord on the Fox series “Werewolf.” I met him in 1988 at the World on Wheels Auto Show in Philadelphia and again in 1991 at the General Hospital Fan Club Luncheon in Studio City, CA). I’ve written several articles for this site on Kathleen Gati and her character Dr. Liesl Obrecht so I was eager to finally meet her in person. I’ve enjoyed Michael Easton’s work since he played Caleb in Port Charles. Rebecca Budig’s spunky Greenlee was my favorite All My Children female character. I was saddened when All My Children ended.  I also like her as Hayden (When is Hayden coming back to General Hospital?). And last but certainly not least, seeing Lynn Herring in person. I love Lucy as I’m sure other Ms. Coe fans feel the same. With such an incredible lineup and the knowing that attending this event was benefiting ovarian cancer research, this was an important weekend for me. On May 10, 2005, my mom passed from cancer. In addition to writing for this site and being its Marketing Manager, I am a clinical trials professional. I applaud and admire the work done by organizations like Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

From speaking with several fans in attendance, the comments ranged from how friendly and down to Earth the actors were to how great it was to have an event where they got to interact with their favorites. I also could feel an affection, respect and camaraderie among this group of actors. Case in point, when Lynn Herring was called on stage she was delayed in making an appearance because she was busy catching up with Rebecca Budig who she hadn’t seen in awhile. And although on General Hospital Liesl and Finn are enemies, Kathleen and Michael get along great. It was nice that Kathleen brought her husband to the event too.

Lynn Herring was a fabulous host. She’s so much like Lucy hosting Nurse’s Ball. She was full of energy and kept the festivities hopping. John J. York was the master of ceremonies for the Q & A, going from person to person with his trusty microphone ensuring all questions were heard. And the savvy General Hospital fans had some awesome questions like “If you weren’t an actor what would you be doing?” “What person past or present that you never worked with would you like to work with?” “What was your favorite set to work on?”
Next came the talent show portion of the event. The actors where the judges but the audience could cast their votes via a website on the teal slip of paper we were given. 5 was the highest number given. The competition was fierce…how could a winner be determined? Take a look:

Videos Courtesy of John J. York Official Twitter
Lynn Herring and Kathleen Gati brought some cool signed General Hospital items for the auction inciting a bidding war between fans who had to take a piece of Port Charles home with them.
The event was a huge success. A $50,000 donation was awarded to Fox Chase which will help them continue with their research in the hope of someday eradicating ovarian cancer.
Later that evening there was a private dinner with the actors which a small number of fans attended.
Helium Comedy Club will again be the location of an upcoming GH Fantasy Event on September 14, 2019. See you there.
For information about upcoming GH Fantasy Events:
For more information on Sandy Rollman Cancer Foundation:


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Photos Courtesy of Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation Official Twitter









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