Wind River Movie Review via @erinwise82


From the writer of “Sicario” and “Hell or High Water”, Taylor Sheridan brings a brilliant, though underrated, masterpiece, starring Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Gil Birmingham, Graham Greene, and Kelsey Asbille.

We don’t know who she is, or what she’s running from, but when she collapses to the ground…we want to know her story…we want to know what happens….

Now we start out quiet as a mouse, as tracker Cory Lambert takes out bothersome wolves that have preying on sheep in what seems to be the dead of winter. The silence, to me, speaks volumes.

On Lambert’s next hunting trip, he stumbles across the young girl from the beginning’s body. He recognizes her as Natalie, his teenage daughter’s best friend, whom had died a few years prior.



Since the death occurred on Wind River reservation, and Natalie was Native American, (as was Lambert’s daughter), the case lands in the hands of the Chief….however, it also lands in the hands of a new FBI agent Jane Banner. Jane was sent from Las Vegas and was most certainly not ready for the cruel Wyoming snow. Borrowing snow clothes from, what turns out to be, Lambert’s deceased child.

Asking for his help, Banner and Lambert dive deep into this mystery. This land is far from anyone…who could have done this awful act to this innocent girl?



Working together, these “Avengers” do whatever it takes to find the truth, while Cory finally faces what happened to his own child. These characters get pretty raw emotionally, but never cross that romance line that was definitely not needed.

The scenes with Cory and Martin (father of Natalie), are deep…I have not lost a child, I pray I never do, but I believe Gil Birmingham captured the essence of a grieving father.

This was a truly touching story. Something I believe everyone should go out and rent today. Watch it twice. I picked up more the second time around.

One thing that really truly punched me in the gut was the final words on the screen before the credits….

There is no national database for missing Native American woman…….no one knows how many are missing….

Let that sink in. I am appalled! But this is a movie review and not my personal spot to rant my personal feelings on issues such as that.

Have you seen the movie?

If so what were your thoughts?

Drop some comments below or find me on Twitter @erinwise82

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