Alex Priest #2 Review ( @arledgecomics ) from @kleffnotes

In the second of a five issue arc, Alex Priest returns after their action packed introduction in issue one. After learning that vampires and demons have decided to team up, two different departments who deal with supernatural situations are going to have to work together to deal with this new threat. LC&B, which focuses on vampires, and DEAD LLC, which focuses on demons, are putting together a team, which means Alex is going to have to deal with their ex-girlfriend, who they never expected to see again.

This issue focuses on a vampire raid, which is taking place exceptionally close to sunrise. Typically vampires would never plan something like this, but once the hunters are called they think demons are definitely involved. The vampires are quickly trying to building their ranks, but that isn’t the only thing going on. Alex and their ex, Janelle, are spending some time together to talk through their relationship, which involves slightly fewer words than you might expect. So much happens in this issue and I cannot wait for issue three. This series is just so engaging and exciting.

What makes Alex such an epic character is not just the fact that they are a vampire hunter, they’re also genderqueer. With so little genderqueer and nonbinary representation within the media having a main character who uses they/them pronouns and identifies as genderqueer is wonderful. Not only that, but their identity is not what makes them stand out. Alex is a killer hunter and is even more skilled than their superior, which is pretty amazing. Supernatural comic fans need to check out this series and if you want to see and support great representation you definitely need to read this series.

Find out more about Alex Priest on the Arledge Comics site.

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