Alex Priest #1 Review ( @arledgecomics ) from @kleffnotes

Alex Priest #1 introduces readers to a supernatural world full of vampires and demons, who are hellbent on destroying the human world. To contend with these monstrous forces Demon Eradication And Denial, DEAD LLC, works to destroy the demon population and Living Corpses that Bite, LC & B, focuses on keeping vampires under control. When it appears that both demons and vampires have begun working together and using magic these two agencies need to work together, which will mean reuniting two former romantic partners who never expected to work together after their breakup.

Title character Alex Priest is a vampire hunter for LC & B and during what should have been a standard night of vampire hunting they run into a hoard of the undead that shocks them. A majority of the vampires are able to escape by using a magical orb, which they definitely shouldn’t have. When Alex returns to the office they learn that more and more hunters have been reporting that vampires have begun using demon magic. To contend with this issue LC & B plans to merge with DEAD LLC because they have trained magic trackers who can help handle this situation. What Alex doesn’t expect is that the best person at DEAD LLC is their former girlfriend Janelle. These two will have to deal with not only the combined forces of demons and vampires, but with their romantic past.

This first issue of Alex Priest sucked me in immediately with the epic action sequence between Alex and the vampires. Not only are the fighting moments so fantastically done, but I loved the fun comedic moments added throughout. Janelle running late for the merger meeting was such a fun and light sequence and as she was running through the office we also got to hear the funniest phone call concerning someone’s mother-in-law. Janelle and Alex, even with their past, make a great team later in the issue and I cannot wait to see more of them working together.

My favorite scene though was the pronoun correction scene. Alex is misidentified as “her” by Janelle’s boss and not only does Janelle correct him immediately, but Alex’s boss does it at the exact same time. This scene was so wonderful and I was so happy to see proper pronoun usage noted within a comic book. Alex has also been identified by writer Jenn Arledge as asexual, which is wonderful. There are so few examples of asexual representation in the media and Alex is such an epic character.

Currently there is a Kickstarter running to help bring Alex Priest #2 to life and if you are looking for great representation and cool supernatural stories you definitely need to back it, or

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