Gravitas Ventures Acquires LGBTQ Shakespearean Vampire Romance from @kleffnotes

Gravitas Ventures announced recently that they have acquired the LGBTQ Shakespearean vampire romance, With a Kiss I Die, for worldwide distribution. The Red Arrow Studios company will be releasing the movie on August 28th and this highly anticipated film turns the tale of Romeo and Juliet into a different sort of romance. Continue reading “Gravitas Ventures Acquires LGBTQ Shakespearean Vampire Romance from @kleffnotes”

Alex Priest #1 Review ( @arledgecomics ) from @kleffnotes

Alex Priest #1 introduces readers to a supernatural world full of vampires and demons, who are hellbent on destroying the human world. To contend with these monstrous forces Demon Eradication And Denial, DEAD LLC, works to destroy the demon population and Living Corpses that Bite, LC & B, focuses on keeping vampires under control. When it appears that both demons and vampires have begun working together and using magic these two agencies need to work together, which will mean reuniting two former romantic partners who never expected to work together after their breakup. Continue reading “Alex Priest #1 Review ( @arledgecomics ) from @kleffnotes”

Wolf Country #7 @Planetjimbot Comics Review ( @JimPlanetjimbot @CampbellLetters ) from @kleffnotes

The Wolf Country comics series focuses on an isolated religious settlement, which every full moon faces dangerous werewolf attacks. These settlers though are not as they appear, but instead are vampires who have left industrial society. I previously had the opportunity to review the first six issues of Wolf Country and reviewed all of them together. In Wolf Country #7 the story picks up exactly where it left off with Halfpenny fighting for his life against a werewolf, which could have a far greater impact on the lives of vampires and werewolves than either being could expect. Continue reading “Wolf Country #7 @Planetjimbot Comics Review ( @JimPlanetjimbot @CampbellLetters ) from @kleffnotes”

Wolf Country Issues 1-6 @Planetjimbot Comics Review from @kleffnotes ( @JimPlanetjimbot @CampbellLetters )

In the unforgiving isolation of Wolf Country there is a settlement full of zealous followers of an ancient religion. Every full moon the settlers fight against a vicious onslaught of wolves to maintain their control over what they consider sacred land. These settlers though are not as they may first appear, they are vampires who believe that by protecting this land from the hated wolves they are fulfilling the contract made between them and their god. Continue reading “Wolf Country Issues 1-6 @Planetjimbot Comics Review from @kleffnotes ( @JimPlanetjimbot @CampbellLetters )”

Freaks of Nature Review from @kleffnotes

Vampires, zombies, teens, and the state of Ohio. Yep, all of those things are in Freaks of Nature, oh and aliens, because aliens are everywhere. Admittedly I had no idea what this movie was about when I decided to watch it, but when I started it I was instantly super excited. I mean Ed Westwick is a sexy vampire with a leather jacket and Keegan-Michael Key is a super angry vampire teacher. Just that should make you want to watch this movie. Continue reading “Freaks of Nature Review from @kleffnotes”

PBS Reveals The Secrets of the Dead

I know I don’t normally talk about documentaries on here, but I watched this really cool vampire documentary sponsored by PBS on dvd this week and wanted to share it with you. Secrets of the Dead is a documentary series that started airing on PBS in 2000. There are different episodes with different themes, but the one I watch was called Vampire Legend. Continue reading “PBS Reveals The Secrets of the Dead”