Wolf Country #7 @Planetjimbot Comics Review ( @JimPlanetjimbot @CampbellLetters ) from @kleffnotes

The Wolf Country comics series focuses on an isolated religious settlement, which every full moon faces dangerous werewolf attacks. These settlers though are not as they appear, but instead are vampires who have left industrial society. I previously had the opportunity to review the first six issues of Wolf Country and reviewed all of them together. In Wolf Country #7 the story picks up exactly where it left off with Halfpenny fighting for his life against a werewolf, which could have a far greater impact on the lives of vampires and werewolves than either being could expect.

Trapped in a cell with a werewolf in Vampire Country, Halfpenny is forced to make a life altering decision. Once he has defeated the wolf, he feels his wounds are infected and begins to sink into a sort of hallucinatory state. He is transported back to Wolf Country with Fabian, a vampire who lived among the wolves. The men are attacked, but during this attack we learn that drinking the blood of a wolf is detrimental to a vampire. Alone in his cell and succumbing to his wounds, Halfpenny must choose to survive by drinking the blood of the dead wolf or he will die far away from his family. Once he makes the choice, we learn that all of these events have been set in motion by a specific Overseer, who wishes to control Halfpenny.

This issue revealed more of the connection between vampires and werewolves and why they are sworn enemies. Fabian explains how this relationship does not benefit the vampires, but in a sort of karmic way actually tears them down spiritually. While Halfpenny doesn’t agree with this sentiment, the evolution of the vampire religion is interesting to see. I love the inclusion of religion in this series and think it is a wonderful addition for a supernatural story. I also really enjoy the art in this series, there is one particular full page that depicts a werewolf that I really loved in this issue. If you are a fan of supernatural stories you should check out Wolf Country right away.

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