Hollow Girl: Identity @InsaneComics Review ( @lmjcooper ) from @kleffnotes

The victims of terrible crimes find their vengeance through a murderous vigilante in Luke Cooper’s Hollow Girl: Identity. Published by Insane Comics this collected digital volume presents for the first time in one place the four original issues of the series as well as three never before published short stories in chronological order. I had previously seen Cooper’s work in Wolf Country, he is the artist for that series, and I was excited to learn he had written and drawn his own series. Hollow Girl is a dramatic and deadly read that kept me guessing.

We first meet Hollow Girl in the dead of night on a mission of murder. As two men play video games the masked girl sneaks into their apartment and kills them, but not before saying she’s doing this because one of them left her for dead after she fell down a flight of stairs. The man insists that it can’t be, that the woman from that night was dead. The most shocking thing is that Hollow Girl reveals that indeed that woman is dead, that she is dead and that he is going to join her. After her mission is complete we watch as a spirit leaves her body and thanks her for helping her find rest.

Throughout the series we watch as Hollow Girl takes on the personalities of a number of dead women and men. She finds the people who are responsible for their deaths and carries out their revenge. Hollow Girl is not merely a vessel for these souls, but she once had a life outside of masked vigilantism. We are shown six years in the past when Hollow Girl was just Katherine Harlow. She has been institutionalized after confessing to killing her parents, but while in her room a spirit comes to her and offers to help her. The spirit insists that the orderly coming to check on her will do terrible things if she doesn’t escape. We see as the spirit takes over her body and guides her to safety. Once outside of the institution Katherine finds herself on the path to becoming Hollow Girl under the guidance of Father Skelton, a priest on a mission to punish those who have acted against God. We watch the evolution of Hollow Girl over six years and what happens once her true identity is finally revealed.

The first thing that struck me before I even began reading the series was that the main character’s first name is the same as mine, Katherine. It’s a small thing, but it always makes me smile when I see my name being used for a fictional character. Hollow Girl is an action packed read, though this action is definitely for mature audiences. The sort of justice presented in this series is remarkably violent and Hollow Girl racks up a pretty high body count before the end of the series. While the story might be violent, Hollow Girl is trying to help those who have been killed before their time. She doesn’t kill just for the sake of killing, but to try and bring the souls who find her peace. What Copper does within this story is very clever and when I had finished reading I was eager to see more of Katherine Harlow outside of her Hollow Girl persona. You will be left wondering if Hollow Girl truly takes in the souls of the deceased or if she merely believes she has this ability. This is definitely not a comic for kids, but for mature readers who are looking for an intricately written and artfully drawn thriller comic Hollow Girl: Identity is a must read.

You can find Hollow Girl on Comixology today!

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