Her Impact! #0 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Her Impact! #0 is a demo manga that introduces readers to Sadie Hiroshi, the African-Japanese woman who finds herself on the same path as her famous boxer father. This slice of life style manga follows Sadie over the course of roughly 24 hours when she decides to take a big step toward making a change in her life.

In Her Impact! #0 Sadie works at a soul sucking job that she absolutely hates, but can’t bring herself to quit. As a single mother she wants to make sure that she can support her young son and even if her boss is a jerk, she can make it through the day. On her way home one day a young boy almost runs her over while passing out flyers. After an angry exchange, Sadie learns that a local boxing gym is looking to recruit women. As the daughter of the famous Kazuki Hiroshi the young boy decides that she has to come to the gym. What could this chance moment mean for Sadie’s life? Check out Her Impact! #0 to find out more and keep an eye out in 2018 for the release of issue #1.

Sadie Hiroshi is an interesting character who moves between being aggressively frustrated by her terrible job and sometimes blowing up at inconveniences that take place during her day to being exceptionally caring in connection to her son. The love she has for him is so sweet. As an intro issue Her Impact! #0 sets up some of the character, but what I found myself enjoying the most was the manga work and the larger art pieces. Digitkame does an exceptional job with the manga designs throughout this issue, including Sadie’s blow up at the young boy. There are then glimpses at some beautifully colored images that show a version of Sadie in a more realistic style by Sukma Agustriyana. While this is a sports based story that emphasizes Sadie’s connection to boxing, Her Impact! also presents a woman who is trying her best to take care of her son.

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