Holiday Watching Suggestions on Netflix from @kleffnotes

Whether you are celebrating Christmas today or just looking to have a bit of festive fun I wanted to suggest some things to watch that aren’t your standard holiday watches. Grab some hot chocolate, curl up with a fuzzy blanket, and get settled in for some cozy watching of things that you can find on Netflix.

The first recommendation I have for you is The Twilight Zone episode “Five Characters in Search of an Exit.” Initially this episode doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with any holiday, but I promise you it is still a perfect watch for your day. Five very diverse characters wake up in a circular room with no means of escape. The five people are identified as The Ballerina, The Major, The Clown, The Tramp, and The Bagpiper. None of them can figure out why they have been brought together and they keep trying to escape over the course of the episode. The first time I watched this I honestly did not see the ending coming.

Keeping with the anthology style theme you can follow up The Twilight Zone with Black Mirror’s Christmas themed episode, “White Christmas.” In this episode two men, one of whom is played by Jon Hamm, are in a secluded cabin and are trying to pass the time by discussing their lives before they got there. Jon Hamm’s character continues to ask the other man more and more about his life until we learn something shocking. In true Black Mirror fashion the episode doesn’t just end there, but instead reveals something so much more intriguing and terrifying. You should also watch “San Junipero” after you watch this episode, mostly because I love it so much and it is tremendously sweet.

My final recommendation for your holiday watching enjoyment is The Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. This exceptionally campy Christmas movie is not only hilarious, but the commentary from the MST3K guys makes it the perfect watch for when you just want to laugh at ridiculous things. There is a completely bizarre looking polar bear, Santa doesn’t fit in his suit, and the technicolor aspect of it is just fabulously bad. This version of the film is so much fun that I even picked up a cheap copy of the original movie, but MST3K makes it so much better.

Whether you are celebrating today or not I hope you enjoy these suggestions and have a wonderful day.

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