@firegirlcomics #1 and #2 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

FireGirl is a comic book series inspired by real life superhero Stephanie Sorenson, a volunteer firefighter, teacher of students on the autism spectrum, and a Florida based actor. She also works to advocate for autism awareness on top of all of her other amazing work. In FireGirl she has been used to create the character of an epic fire using hero who finds herself battling some unexpected villains.

Issue one of FireGirl drops you right into the action with our hero climbing out from beneath a destroyed building. There is an issue zero for this series as well which does set up some of this action. Once she’s freed FireGirl goes after her former friend, Tara, who has become the murderous villain Volt. As she tries to pull her friend away from the dark side, she finds herself contending with another villain, Pyroclast. After this big battle though her work is only just beginning. Stephanie has a shift at the firehouse and we get to see her connection to one of the men there. While they are getting ready they learn they have been asked to speak at a local school, which leads to the reveal of some of FireGirl’s backstory. This issue is a fun representation of the work of human heroes.

This series is packed full of action and highlights just how strong and intense FireGirl is as a hero. Not only is she strong and able to protect herself, but she cares about other people. After escaping the collapse she checks to make sure the firefighters on the scene are okay before she has to contend with Volt. She also tries to bring Volt back to her human existence by trying to connect with her former friend Tara. I loved the introduction of Jojo, FireGirls’s sidekick, and beyond that was a huge fan of the presentation of FireGirl’s real life work as a firefighter and teacher. She shares so much detail about what led her to be a firefighter and she shows that anything can lead someone to want to help others.The action in this issue is wonderful and I can’t wait to see what happens next in the world of Firegirl.

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