Dear Jack, a Thank You letter to #ThisIsUs Jack Pearson via @stacyamiller85 @ThisIsUsWriters @NBCThisIsUs

After cheers for the Super Bowl, many tears were shed as a post game episode of NBC’s This Is Us aired. It was THE EPISODE where after months of speculation, viewers got to see the tragic fire at the Pearson home that lead to the death of beloved father and husband, Jack. Reading the comments about this devastating event, it’s obvious that fans of the critically acclaimed and award winning drama felt real life heartbreak for this fictional television character. The writers of This Is Us have written Jack as a man not without flaws but also with strong integrity and a deep and abiding love for his wife and children. And actor Milo Ventimiglia plays him as the father and husband we all wish we had.

I decided to thank Jack Pearson for being the man he was, a man that teaches us that the greatest strength is in ourselves and the feelings we show for those we love.

Dear Jack,

It is difficult penning this letter to you as I’m still trying to make sense of your death.  It was so unexpected and you had so much to live for.  You and Rebecca were about to enter the next stage of your lives by becoming business partners.  Your children were going off to college for the exciting chapter of their lives. You fought hard to beat your alcohol addiction by seeking help, which I know couldn’t have been easy.  The future was looking bright. How could fate be so cruel?

I could ponder the what ifs and whys, but that won’t change anything.  Instead, I choose to celebrate your life by thanking you for what you brought to so many others. Jack, you were the life of Rebecca’s life. Her soulmate. Yes, you two had your problems…what couple doesn’t? But the mutual respect you had for each other helped you overcome the turbulent waters that prevented smooth sailing in your marriage. And you had reached the shore of happiness.

Your own father wasn’t much of a role model. But yet, you were an excellent dad to Kate, Kevin and Randall. The Big Three meant everything to you, they were your reason for waking up in the morning. After the death of your son Kyle, you could have given up. A loss like this often tears a couple apart. But you knew that you had to be strong for the wife you loved and your children, which now included the baby abandoned at that fire station. Although he wasn’t your biological son, Randall was your son where it mattered most.  And despite Kevin’s belief that you saw him as a disappointment, nothing could be further from the truth.  You were proud of your first born; you just wanting Kevin to be all he could be and to get up fighting when life knocked him down. As for Kate, no father could love a daughter more. You saw her beauty inside and out even when she couldn’t see it. You encouraged her singing talent and wanted her to shine.

Rebecca, Kevin, Kate and Randall aren’t the only ones who were lucky to have you. Your television family is fortunate to have met you.  The millions of faceless, wives, husband and children out there who watch you ever Tuesday night and take away something special. The reel and real world is better for having Jack Pearson in it.

We Love You Jack!

Gif courtesy of NBC This Is Us.

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