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This Is Us Season 3 Premiere is only a week away. And the excitement is building as we prepare for the return of The Pearsons. But it’s a sure bet there will be joys, sorrows, laughs and tears…plenty of tears.

In two short seasons, NBC’s This Is Us has captivated critics and viewers alike with its story of the Pearsons. At the core is dad Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), a man who has sacrificed for his family. Jack may have been dubbed the perfect dad, but he’s not a man without his share of mistakes. He was an alcoholic like his father before and struggled to keep the drinking demon at bay.  Jack’s wife and children were the most important people in his life; he had a special relationship with each of them. Viewing Jack’s interactions with wife Rebecca, and kids Kevin, Kate and Randall through flashbacks make up for half of the tears shed when watching This Is Us. The power of this family’s love for one another is poignant.

The other half are shed as Rebecca, Kevin, Kate and Randall’s separate stories are explored.

The biggest story on This Is Us involved the death of beloved Pearson dad. During Season One, viewers learned Jack died when the kids were teens. At the beginning of Season Two, Rebecca cried at the wheel of her car as she looked at a shell of a house that had been burned out due to a fire, making us realize the fire was the cause for Jack’s death. But how? Was Jack’s drinking responsible? In the one before the pivotal “Super Bowl” episode, a faulty Crock Pot was revealed to have started the fire that changed The Pearsons family lives forever. Even though the mystery of Jack’s death was solved, there are still more stories to tell for him, Rebecca, Kevin, Kate, Randall, Beth and Toby.

The Season Premiere airs Tuesday, September 25 at 9/8c and this fan can tell you that she can’t wait. There are several things I’m eager to see in the new season:

  • Jack’s Vietnam past.  We got a glimpse of Jack’s serving in Vietnam last season. I’d like to see more of this as well as his relationship with his brother Nicky.

  • Jack and Rebecca’s courtship.  We have seen how much Jack and Rebecca love their children and them as parents.  But I’d love to see more episodes with scenes focusing on Jack and Rebecca as a couple. How they embarked on their romance and the road to their love.

  • What happened to Toby?  Kate and Toby married in the Season Two finale. But in the future, we seeing Kate nursing her husband. It seems Toby is suffering from a serious bout of depressing. But what happened in between saying ‘I dos’ with Kate that caused his condition to escalate?

  • Who’s her? An older Randall asked an adult Tess whether she was ready to see her. After seeing Deja smash Randall’s car, my mind immediately thought Beth had been killed and Deja was somehow responsible and she was the her in which Randall referred.  But from what I’ve been reading from other sources, this theory is probably wrong as Future Beth may not die. But the question remains…who is the mysterious ‘her’ and will we have to wait all season to find out?

  • Beth’s backstory/Beth and Randall’s courtship. I would love to see an episode is which we meet Beth’s family…parents, siblings. Beth and Randall work so well as a couple due to Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson’s respect for each other as actors. Their scenes as Beth and Randall are so real and natural that I want more of them in Season Three.

  • Kevin/Zoe and Kevin.  I felt that Kevin really came into his own in Season Two with stories showcasing each of the three Kevin actors (Justin Hartley, Logan Shroyer and Parker Bates). We got Kevin’s addiction. Kevin’s football injury. I especially like the Kevin centric episode “Number One.” I want to see more Kevin Pearson episodes. I’m particularly interested in seeing the development of his relationship with Zoe (new series regular Melanie Liburd).

  • Kate and Rebecca, mother and daughter singing a duo.  Okay, I don’t know how this will fit into the story line, but I would love to see Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz perform a singing duo on This Is Us. Separately their voices are powerful but together we’d be blown away!

What would you like to see in This Is Us Season Three?

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