Sonitus #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

A nagging sound that just won’t leave you alone, no matter what you do or what doctors you see is something that pushes our primary character to return to a childhood haunt in the first issue of the limited series Sonitus. This dark and eerie debut issue had me completely hooked from beginning to end. Lock your doors and keep your lights on as you delve into the frightening world of Sonitus.

In this first issue we are introduced to our primary character who is trying to find some peace and quiet after dealing with an ever worsening noise in his ears. No doctors have been able to truly understand what is happening to him and he’s given up trying to explain it. He goes back to an abandoned house that he and his childhood friends used to frequent in an attempt to find peace and quiet. As he explores the house and reminisces he swears he hears someone else there. Running after the noise he is suddenly filled with images of something dark and Lovecraftian.

I absolutely loved Sonitus #1 and I cannot wait for the next issue. Our narrator acts as our way into this terrifying world and when he suddenly sees something otherworldly the story begins to take a turn that I love. There are frightening beasts and an image that immediately pulled me into the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft, but in a more modern setting. The art is this comic is a shadowy and uses darkness and depth to make the elements pop throughout. I also love the sketch like lines that appear throughout. Sonitus #1 is out now and the perfect read for horror, sci-fi, and thriller fans.

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