The Tokyo 5 Part 1 Comic Book Review from @kleffnotes

In this science fiction manga collaboration between Australian comic book writer Andrew Archer and Philippines based artist NICE, we are introduced to five young women who have found themselves completely changed by something that happened to them as children. The Tokyo 5 examines genetic mutation and what can happen when forces outside of this world decide to change humankind. Through this first volume Archer reveals a secret battle taking place beneath the surface of Japan that has been shrouded in mystery for years.

Part 1 of The Tokyo 5 begins by introducing us to Furi, a young girl who has the power to destroy anything with the power of her mind. As a child a man she calls Papa has used her love for a tiger character to make her into his own personal weapon. During her introduction we learn that there are four other girls who are also being watched at this school and have their own purpose for this strange man. After this we jump forward in time and spend a majority of the story looking at Yama, a young woman who has been having terrible visions that relate to something Furi is involved with. While Yama was one of the original 5 she has blocked out so much of this part of her life that she can’t seem to connect with any of the other women. We watch as she begins to understand not only who she is, but also who the others are and just what is going on in Japan under the guise of a war with China.

I really enjoyed this series and I found myself comparing it slightly to RWBY. The women all have their own skills and have created these personas for themselves after their time at the school. This section focuses predominantly on Yama and Furi, but through them we learn that while these 5 people were raised together that they have split in a variety of different ways. There is also a level of the supernatural mixed in with the intrusive actions of science and genetic mutation. Within this world are beings from another realm who have taken it upon themselves to become involved in the world and what happens to humans. The story is interesting and NICE’s artwork compliments it remarkably well. If you are a fan of manga or anime you should definitely check out The Tokyo 5.

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