@AmeliaSkySeries #2 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Amelia Sky #2 drops us right back into the action where the first issue left off. Ace has tracked down the missing Amelia and Eleanor has tracked both of them down. They think they are safely protected from the dangerous monsters of this apocalyptic world, but it seems as though no one can ever truly be safe. 

While in the car Eleanor is attacked and the only way she is able to survive is with the help of Amelia. The young girl still can’t remember everything from her past, but while she can’t remember hers Eleanor is delving deeply into her own. She returns to her home to find supplies and we are shown a flashback of her life and someone she was close to. When we return to the present we see the exceptionally grim scene she left behind. After finding what she needs, Eleanor continues on her journey to get Amelia to safety. Amelia does not want to leave Eleanor and it seems as though there is something keeping them together.

The Amelia Sky series is an interesting take on the sci-fi horror genre and having a main character with limited knowledge of what has happened to her provides the ability to share more with the reader. We can only know as much as she knows, but this adds to the element of terror and concern we have for her. I have also really enjoyed Eleanor so far and I really hope to see her appear in later issues. Amelia Sky #3 is estimated for release in the fall of this year and there is also a prequel series in the works. You can find out more about Amelia Sky on the official website for the series.

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