Happy Anniversary #GreysAnatomy via @stacyamiller85 @EllenPompeo @GreysABC @shondarhimes #TGIT

Thirteen years ago today, a little show created by Shonda Rhimes premiered as a midseason premiere on ABC. It was called Grey’s Anatomy.

On March 27, 2005, we met a group of interns at Seattle Grace Hospital: Meredith, Christina, Izzie, Alex and George as well as their supervisors Dr. Richard Webber, Dr. Miranda Bailey, Dr. Preston Burke and of course, Dr. Derek Shepherd, otherwise known “Dr. McDreamy.”

Grey’s Anatomy was the story of Dr. Meredith Grey’s journey as she navigated through the world of medicine. The medical cases were as poignant as the emotions of the physicians.

The names of the doctors and the hospital may have changed but the message of the series remains the same. It is the story of doctors learning about themselves while continuing to learn medical science.

Thank you Shonda Rhimes for giving us the television medical drama marvel that is Grey’s Anatomy.

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