Interview with Megan Hutchings from @kleffnotes

Megan Hutchings is a Toronto based actor who has appeared in a number of series that span genres. One of her most recent roles is Tracy Campbell in the BET series, In Contempt. I had the opportunity to find out more about her work and her philanthropic work in this digital based interview.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?
I grew up just outside of Toronto and am a proud Canadian! I really just love to hang out with my friends, family and dogs. I’m a pretty big home body, very opinionated on certain subjects (animal welfare!), love to decorate, nature walks and I love my job! That’s really it.
You’re currently on the series In Contempt, how would you describe the show?
The show is a really fast paced legal drama with a lot of comedy. It centres around a group of public defender’s and prosecutors living in New York. It focuses on our personal lives and all the fun, sex, love and juiciness, but also has a very real aspect because of the complicated cases we are dealing with. I think the show is a really good mix of fun and entertaining, but also has a big message.
As the character Tracy Campbell you play a sassy lawyer from the South, what is being that character like?
Playing Tracy was a lot of fun. For some reason the accent gave me a lot of freedom as well as the dialect Terri (the creator) writes for her. Not a lot of woman give themselves the permission to do and say as Tracy does so it was very playful. What was also cool is that she has some deep secrets and a complicated past so to draw on that but also keep her “free” was a fun experience.
Megan in Court2
Is there anything you can tease about your character’s progression throughout the series? 
Hmmmmm… Tracy has some secrets. Many secrets.
What have been some of your favorite moments on set?
I have a lot of fun hanging out with Mouna in our trailers between scenes and during breaks. We laugh a lot! Erica breaking into a song and dance (often) always makes smile. We really had a ton of fun all the time. We were lucky to have such an amazing team of people – it felt like a big family!
You are also starring in the CBC series, Crawford, what is being on that series like? 
Shooting Crawford was one of my favourite experiences. Everyone was so talented, playful and NICE. Mike Clattenburg is an amazing man with such a creative mind and I was so lucky to be part of that process. Working along side Jill Hennessy was unreal. She’s so cool and talented and I loved learning from her.
In the show description raccoons have invaded the house that the family is living in, do you actually have scenes with the furry actors? 
I didn’t! I only got to have scenes with Jill’s cats and a dog. Unfortunately.
You played the recurring role of Jane on The CW series, Reign, what was it like being in a period drama? 
It was different! I had never done a period piece so it was a new experience. It was really fun to see all the amazing wardrobe and extravagant sets. I had fun playing Jane and working along side Rachel Skarsten. She’s a hilarious girls girl. She’s fun and welcoming and just a cool person.
When you aren’t on set you are a huge advocate for animal welfare and you founded a non-profit organization, Dreams of Rescue, could you tell our readers about it and how they can support it? 
I create personalized dream catchers where all proceeds go to a shelter/rescue of their choice or mine! People can message me on Instagram @megsishere or on Facebook with what they’re looking for (size, colours, style etc) and then I build!
You also do a great deal of volunteer work, what can you tell me about Save Our Scruff and Farmhouse Garden Animal Home? 
Save Our Scruff is an amazing rescue organization founded by Laura Bye in Toronto. I personally have a very small part in the organization, but she and everyone involved are doing amazing work helping dogs all over the world. I am a transport volunteer which involves picking up dogs from the airport and taking them to their fosters, vet appointments, supply pick ups etc. Farmhouse Garden Animal Home is a rescue farm located in Uxbridge. The owner has transitioned from cattle farming to organic vegetable farming. All the cows now live a happy, long life where they are loved, fed and get to live and love! There are three horses, a donkey, chickens and a duck as well. It really is a wonderful place. I go on Tuesdays and muck stalls, feed/water the animals and just hang out.
I saw that you were a vegan, I’m a vegetarian myself, and I’m curious, what are some of your favorite vegan recipes or meals? 
I love allll pasta and pizza. So any vegan options of that I am in. I also love a good veggie bean patty burger and sweet potato fries.
Where can our readers find you online? 
I am on Instagram @megsishere and on facebook! Megan Hutchings with the Ghandi quote 😉
Thank you again to Megan Hutchings for chatting with me and make sure to check her out on In Contempt on BET Tuesday at 10 pm.

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