Interview with Laura Mitchell: Playing Duchess Kate Middleton via @erinwise82

Laura Mitchell has made her way across our screens in a variety of fun features.
From Hallmark to The CW, she’s played a matchmaker, shown the meaning Christmas…and love, she’s even played with zombies. This inspiring woman is making quite the name for herself.
Laura’s latest project…oh you know, just playing the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in Lifetime’s new movie “Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance”. It follows the story of how Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan started their fairytale courtship…This movie is leading up to the wedding the whole world will be watching.
I had the pleasure of getting to ask Laura all about what it’s like playing one of the most recognized faces in the world.

Congratulations on landing the incredible role of “Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge”. How did you prepare for this role?

Thank you so much ! I prepared by researching her as much as possible. To create character I have to examine the lives of the person. what motivates her, how she sees the world, her relationships, her behaviours, her motives.
Once I find out what drives her I am able to build a character from there. You always have to take into account their surroundings and the life they were raised in.
It’s much like being a detective and delving into all the elements that make a person who they are. I find ways I can lend myself to the character and how the character lends herself to me.

What was it like for you having to portray someone who is part of the royal family?

Well it was a real honour. I tried not to think too much about the pressures of playing her while we were filming and just do the work. I have never played anyone this well known before so It was a wonderful challenge.

How does it feel playing someone who could possible see your portrayal?

It makes me really nervous to think that she would watch it! Burgess ( Prince William) and I were joking around saying that her and Wills will probably sit down with a glass of wine one night and have a laugh and watch the film. I hope that does happen and then they invite us for tea! hahahaha

What was the best part of playing The Duchess?

Honestly it was the people I met and the experience itself. I met so many wonderful people working on this film and am so grateful that we had the experience of making it together. It was so much fun.

Any bts memories/stories from the set, you can share with us?

So many fun memories ! Well, I do have a bit of a habit of not wearing my shoes on set and going barefoot as much as possible ( I’m a weirdo) and Steve Coulter ( Prince Charles) would give me such a hard time ! Then when my shoes would go missing on set I would wonder if it was him who was hiding them. 🙂

You’ve recently been in a couple ‘Hallmark” films, “Finding Santa” and “October Kiss”. In both, you’re helping others find a little magic, a little love. Do you have a bit of matchmaker in you in real life?

I do actually ! Well I try to, but I am very unsuccessful in my matchmaking endeavours. If I ever see a cute guy and get chatting and find out he’s single I will immediately try to set him up with my single girlfriends. It never works out though so perhaps I need more practice!
You, like many actors, have made your way on The CW, having guest roles on iZombie and Arrow. What’s it like playing in universes with zombies and superheroes?

These shows have such diehard fans and followers and the show creators are so meticulous in creating these worlds when you walk on set its really an experience. It’s a joy to have the opportunity to work on this caliber of production and hope I to continue to be a part of the CW family.

If you could work with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Oh that’s a tough one. There are So many actors that would be a dream come true to work with: Ben Foster, Tom Sturrdige, Cate Blanchet, Sam Rockwell, Ruth Wilson, Kate Winslet, the list goes on. I am in awe of all of their work and the truth they bring to each role.

What advice would you give any young ladies wanting to getting acting?

It is an honour to be an actor, to explore what it means to be human and to tell stories that matter. If you feel this is what you were meant to do, don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.

Do you have any coming up projects we can look forward to seeing?

I have a few independent films coming up that are fairly dark and gritty. I’ll be playing some characters that are definitely a departure from the roles I have been getting lately so I am really excited for the change and for the challenge !

You can find Laura at:
Twitter: @LauraMitchy
Facebook: @Lauramitchell
Instagram: @Laura.janemitchell

Questions? Comments? Drop them below or find me on Twitter @erinwise82


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