Hungry For Love By: Maya Sacher Book Review via @erinwise82

Is it possible to love two people at the same time? This is a question Elizabeth asks herself everyday since she found herself loving two men.

When your husband is in a coma for nearly two years, it can be quite overwhelming. The loneliness creeps in, leaving you feeling stuck in place. Even Elizabeth’s job as a dentist isn’t what she wants. Underlying issues with her mother’s death, rocky relationships with her father and step-sister, the weight just piles up.
When her therapist suggests things need to change, to get out and do something all for herself, Elizabeth didn’t think things would turn out like they did. A simple trip to the zoo, throws a new love into the ring. Aidan, a divorced father, and Elizabeth begin a friendship that leads them to more intense feelings.
When Elizabeth is thrust back into the arms of happiness and love, her husband awakens from his coma. What will she do now? Stay with Aidan, go back to her husband? She loves them both, how could she choose? This novel gives you a look into a woman’s life; the hardships, the baggage that life has left, tragedy, love, loss, and even finding yourself in the middle of all life’s dilemmas.

This is a story that you could very well find yourself in one day. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it! It keeps you thinking, it keeps you turning the page.

You can get your copy today. You can find more info on author Maya Sacher and her book on her Facebook page.
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