Interview with Jadiel Dowlin ( @jadieldowlin ) from @kleffnotes

I had the chance to chat with Jadiel Dowlin about his new series Star Falls as well as his previous work. Not only does he act, but he is also doing very impressively in college and a huge comic book fan. Thank you to Jadiel for doing this interview.

Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?
Sure! I’m 18 years-old and started in the industry at 12 modelling and doing commercials for major retail companies. That later led to lead roles on several shows including four seasons of Annedroids, Zoink’d and now Star Falls. But I’m not only into acting, I’m also passionate about scriptwriting, a huge comic fan, and I enjoy hiking and camping during the summer. I’m also on full-ride academic scholarship at Ryerson University in Toronto and just completed my first year completing a double major in Philosophy and Film Studies.
How would you describe Star Falls?
Star Falls is unique in that two families of different walks of life becomes a blended family. A big movie star dad moves to a small town with his three children for the summer to film a movie and falls for a local veterinarian who is a single mom with a daughter. The children scheme to get the parents together but not without lots of shenanigans and mishaps in the process.
You play Phoenix Brooks in the series, could you describe your character? 
Phoenix is something else. He’s a 16-year-old philosopher who always speaks in a cryptic and profound manner. He’s very deep and questions the meaning of life in everything in the cosmos. He’s certainly…one of a kind.
What have been some of your favorite on set moments? 
Starting on a new show where you don’t know anyone is such a daunting task. The Star Falls Production team made it easy; there were many special moments when we were shooting the series. I really liked the episodes where animals were part of the scene; it’s amazing how incredibly smart they are plus you can pick tricks from the trainers. Except for once when I goat went to the bathroom during a take, and to make it worse he did peed and pooped. Aside from that, I looked forward to how the cast and some of the crew would participate in daily riddles we’d have to solve by the end of the day. Sometimes it got pretty competitive.
You were previously on the show Annedroids and won awards for your role of Nick Clegg. Could you tell me about your character and your time on the show? 
I played Nick on Annedroids for four seasons and it was unique since it included androids that were CGI (we had to pretend they were there). Nick was going through a lot being raised by a single mom, moving to a new neighbourhood and not having any friends. So he was happy to meet the scientist girl (Anne), who lived in a junkyard and his eccentric neighbour Shania. We learned a lot because the show was based on STEM but not without some mischievousness. Annedroids has been nominated for dozens of well-recognized awards, including several Daytime Emmys, including for my role as Nick!
Beyond acting you work as a writer for the children’s series Dino Dana, what can you tell me about the show and your writing work? 
Dino Dana is the continuum of Dino Dan and Trek Adventures. It follows a ten-year-old palaeontologist that sees dinos. I was eager to get into scriptwriting so I contacted J.J. Johnson and Christin Simms of Sinking Ship Entertainment, we had a few meetings, lunch, more chats and now I’m proud to be pitching and writing for them.
You not only act and write, but you are attending Ryerson University and double majoring. How do you balance all of that? 
It’s not difficult for me because since from elementary school my mom taught me how to set goals and to prioritize my tasks week-by-week as well as daily, and to monitor my progress and make adjustments accordingly. At Ryerson, I have great friends that share their notes when I’m not able to attend class and we have study groups so we can support each other – so it works out great.
I heard you were a huge comic book fan, what are some of your favorite comics to read right now? 
There are so many interesting comic book stories to enjoy. I’m a big fan of DC especially, and what they’re doing with the Blue Beetle characters in DC Rebirth right now. I also love how they’re offering a platform to showcase more diverse characters. Like Static Shock and Katana. I also love Marvel’s older Ultimate Avengers series.
Who are some of your favorite superheros? 
I think you’re talking about the comic world so that would be characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman; they’re timeless, and I think that’s what edges me onto that side a little more. My ultimate favorite DC character is Static Shock though!
Do you prefer DC or Marvel? 
Oh no, I guess we are going there…a favorite topic of mine! Most people share their opinions, or preference, based on the movies, but the comic world is much more than a Blockbuster film. Each universe has its pros and cons and I’m not just a regular comic fan, I read the comic books and I also look at the business side of the comics as well. For example, Marvel is its own movie studio, which means they only make Marvel movies. While DC comics is a subsidiary of Warner Bros studios. So it’s somewhat unfair to compare the two. To answer your question though, I really do love both. Marvel characters feel human and relatable, but what I love about DC is how their characters are icons, and show us the best parts of ourselves, making them really inspirational.
Can you share anything up any upcoming projects? 
Wow, I wish I could! You’ll need to keep monitoring my social media handles for many upcoming news.
Where can our readers find you online? 
I can be found by visiting:
Instagram: @jadiel_dowlin
Twitter: @jadieldowlin
Facebook: @jadieldowlin

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