Kiara Barnes Adds Some Fatal Attraction to #BoldandBeautiful as Zoe via @stacyamiller85 @KiKiBarnes @BandB_CBS

Emma Barber and Xander Avant better be careful because a storm is brewing in Los Angeles.

Zoe arrived and has set her sights or rather, obsession on Emma. Why? Because Zoe’s boyfriend Xander dumped her due to her out of control (crazy?) behavior. And to make it worse, he did it with a note left in their apartment. Zoe was not amused!  Quicker than you could say international flight, Zoe packed her bags and left England for the United States. She was going to get her boyfriend back!  However, Zoe had no idea Xander had already moved on; he began a budding friendship with fellow Forrester Creations intern Emma. When Zoe spotted them together, she was furious and her focus shifted from Xander to Emma.  Pretending to accidentally bump into Emma, the cunning young woman immediately struck up a friendship with the unsuspecting girl. But the discovery (thanks to Xander) that the threatening comments on the Hope for the Future website page weren’t targeting Hope but Emma and were from Zoe not Sally as originally believed alerted Hope, Thorne, Sally, Wyatt and especially Emma to Zoe’s intentions. She was ordered to leave Los Angeles or face charges for writing the comments and stalking Emma. However, Zoe didn’t leave as promised.  Instead she snucked her way into the Hope for the Future fashion show. What havoc will Zoe wreck? Do we have a Glenn Close/Fatal Attraction in the making?

Playing the jealous Zoe is daytime newcomer Kiara Barnes, a gifted singer who recently released an EP Sirens of the Moon.  Barnes has very limited acting credits.  But you’d never guess when watching her as The Bold and The Beautiful’s Zoe.  In a short amount of time, Barnes has convincingly portrayed Zoe as the deadly jilted girlfriend.

Welcome to The Bold and the Beautiful Kiara! Looking forward to the development of Zoe’s character as the story line progresses.

Photos courtesy of IMDB and The Bold and The Beautiful Official Twitter

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5 thoughts on “Kiara Barnes Adds Some Fatal Attraction to #BoldandBeautiful as Zoe via @stacyamiller85 @KiKiBarnes @BandB_CBS

    1. Kiara ( Zoe) The pink handbag yu have been carrying with white handles and straps – Whose is it ? Where can I get if you know– Character Zoe is great
      Audrey (


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