Eden #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

In 2714 Earth has been conquered, but an alien world known as Eden has become a haven for those trying to survive. This haven though holds tremendous secrets and Neriah is searching for the answers to a brand new one within the pages of Eric Henson’s Eden.

The first issue of this limited series drops readers directly into Neriah’s search for her sun. With her companions, Christina and Kla’Tuu, she is scouring the capital city of Eden for her son. For some reason he has been taken and while she doesn’t understand why, she does know she needs to get him back. In this action packed sci-fi comic Neriah the trio fights there way into continuously more dangerous situations and try their best to find a way to get to her son.

Eden #1 is a fun read and sci-fi fans will definitely enjoy it. There are intense fight sequences and a variety of nefarious villains introduced that hint at a massive final battle between Neriah and some dark entity for the survival of her son. I am very curious to see why her son has been stolen and just what dark secrets the world of Eden holds.

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