Tinseltown #3 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Tinseltown #3 continues the story of Abigail Moore, one of the first female police officers in Hollywood in 1915. This issue starts with a bang and continues some very interesting days for Abigail after an unfortunate moment on set.

After confronting a father for hurting his son, Abigail is informed by her supervising officer that she is never to threaten people on the lot the way that she did. Surprisingly though someone far higher up on the food chain rewards her actions and she finds herself attending a very fancy event. When she arrives she is surprised to see her friend Betty, who had previously packed up and left with no explanation, and is shocked by the story she reveals.

This issue of Tinseltown is full of very mature and intense situations. Domestic abuse is presented very early on and beyond that Abigail finds herself drawn into a very dangerous situation through Betty. Drug addiction and rape are even presented, which I had not expected. While our main character may be a cop on a Hollywood lot she definitely has some very dark matters to contend with over the rest of the series.

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