@1SteveBurton & @kellymonaco1 Talked Best of #JaSam with Soap Digest’s @MaraKay718 via @stacyamiller85

If you are a fan of General Hospital ‘s Sam and Jason, the place to be at 1:30PMPT/10:30AMPT was on Facebook as the talented actors Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco who play the beloved characters known as “JaSam” participated in a live Facebook event!

Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco a.k.a. Jason Morgan and Sam McCall took time from their busy General Hospital shooting schedules to talk with Soap Opera Digest editor Mara Levinsky about The Best of Jason and Sam The General Hospital Collection sponsored by Clorox and currently streaming until September 30 on abc.com and the ABC app.

Thank you Mara Levinsky for giving General Hospital fans a special Monday treat! Special thanks to Kelly and Steve…we appreciate the time you took to share your views on your characters and your memories with us.

If you missed any of the event, check in out:

Video Courtesy of General Hospital Facebook

Photo Courtesy of General Hospital Official Twitter

Comments? Sound off below.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .





22 thoughts on “@1SteveBurton & @kellymonaco1 Talked Best of #JaSam with Soap Digest’s @MaraKay718 via @stacyamiller85

  1. Great to see them interviewing tog again… They really were so good tog… This makes me hopeful again for them!!!!!!!


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