Zero Jumper #3 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Juno, the last living human, wakes up in the third issue of this series in what appears to be an alternate reality. As she tries to understand what is happening to her and how she has suddenly arrived in a world that looks like the past details are revealed about how she came to be a jumper.

Zero Jumper #3 plays with not only alternate realities, but virtual reality. Juno had been captured at the end of issue two and she is unsure what is happening to her now. The Scion is playing mind games with her on behalf of his master, The Eternal One. As they fight each other within his virtual worlds, he reveals Juno’s past as well as why the Earth had to end. Not only does this information get revealed, but a character returns who just happens to hold some answers and a hand in Juno’s time of need.

The Zero Jumper series is a fun read and this issue’s focus on virtual reality and distorted perceptions was something I wasn’t expecting. I am curious to see how the final issue ties the story together and just how important iO will be for Juno. If you are a science fiction fan you will enjoy this series and if you haven’t read the first two you can still pick up the story if you start with this one.

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