Kevin McNally as The Smith in #TheOutpost via @stacyamiller85 @exKevinMcNally @outpostseries

Actor Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean, Supernatural and TURN: Washington’s Spies) appears as The Smith on The Outpost, the new summer series currently airing on The CW.

The first time I saw Kevin McNally on television was in 1979 when Poldark II began re-airing on Masterpiece Theatre. Poldark is based on a series of novels by Winston Graham. McNally played Drake Carne, the youngest brother of Demelza Poldark. The romance between Drake and Morwenna Chynoweth added to the class conflict depicted on the series as Drake was below Morwenna’s economic station since he was a blacksmith and she was a dean’s daughter.  Additionally, Morwenna was the cousin of Elizabeth, Drake’s brother-in-law Ross’ first love. Complicating matters was that Elizabeth was married to Poldark enemy George Warleggan, who had no intention of allowing Morwenna to marry a commoner with a connection to the Poldarks. Drake and Morwenna’s love story played a huge part in the second series of Poldark.

So here I am 14 years old and totally captivated with Poldark and Drake and Morwenna. It was then and there I knew that I’d follow the careers of the Poldark actors in particular Kevin McNally as Drake Carne was my favorite Poldark character.

Fast Forward 39 years later and I’m still enjoying Kevin’s work in such film and television projects as Pirates of the Caribbean, Supernatural and TURN: Washington’s Spies.

Imagine my surprise when I found out Kevin was playing The Smith on The Outpost.  In The Outpost, McNally’s character shares a past with Talon (Jessica Green) and is somewhat of a mentor/protector after saving her life as a child. It seems Talon has a destiny that The Smith wants to make sure she fulfills.

As a longtime fan of Kevin McNally, it’s always a pleasure watching him create new and rich characters. I will continue to support the career of Kevin McNally as he brings these parts to life. Thank you Kevin!

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