Techromancy Scrolls: Adept Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes

Techromancy Scrolls: Adept is the first in a series from Erik Schubach that is set in a futuristic world that has a medieval touch. Laney Herder is a young woman who lives in a small serf town and helps to run the family chicken farm. When she isn’t working on the farm she also scavenges for metals that can be sold for additional money. What makes Laney special though is that she has a skill for finding metals because of her own magical connection to these elements. In this retro futuristic world this sort of skill will lead to a new journey and new connections for the young lead.

One day while Laney is out she meets some Knights, one of whom she feels a strong connection with named Celeste. After she aids the knight in a fight she is gifted with benefits she had never expected. As her friendship with Celeste begins to grow, Laney made her squire after the depth of her powers is revealed. Over the course of this first book Laney discovers just how powerful she truly is and that she has a strength inside of her that makes her stand out from the other squires.

Techromancy Scrolls: Adept creates a very detailed universe that initially feels like a medieval story, until certain clever reveals happen. Schubach is able to establish a world that feels like the past, but draws connections to our present. I love the reactions characters have to finding materials that would be commonplace now and the guesses they make toward what they were used for. Laney is a well written character who not only has a deep well of strength, but is also open to surprises and changes in her life. She adds a tremendous amount of heart to a story full of danger and violence. Much like his Urban Fairytales series the relationship between Laney and Celeste is sweet and grows organically over the course of Laney’s journey of self discovery. You can find Techromancy Scrolls: Adept on sale now.

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