Arledge Comics Launches The Martyrs Kickstarter ( @arledgecomics )via @kleffnotes

Arledge Comics, the same publisher that brought you the awesome Alex Priest series, is back with an all new series THE MARTYRS. Issue one launched on Kickstarter August 10th.

The Nuclear War – soon to be known as WWIII – has finally come to a close.

Fallout ravaged the earth.It left hundreds – if not thousands – of people with visible mutations and bizarre powers. The Americas fell into the oceans, and the Gobi Desert is nothing more than a sheet of glass. Humanity – or what’s left of it – has split into two groups.

The first found refuge in what was once Rome. Life is a game of survival. There’s no concept of race, class, or religion. There’s only food, shelter, and safety. Refuge for those affected by the fallout – The Fallen.

The second group pledge allegiance to a warlord – The Commander – who has set up base in former Beijing. Amidst the chaos, The Commander created The New Order – an almost-theocracy, with himself at the center. The New Order has only one directive.

To stop The New Order from purifying what’s left of the human race, a mutant special ops team is sent on what’s sure to be a suicide mission.

Rewards for this project include print copies of THE MARTYRS issue one, trading cards, and exclusive sticker designs. The Kickstarter campaign goes live August 10th, and ends August 25th.

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