It Came Out on Wednesday #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

It Came Out on Wednesday #2 continues the new anthology style comic series from Alterna Comics. This issue boasts another special cover by a selected artist and within the collection are new stories as well as stories from the existing Alterna Universes. Read them all or focus on your favorites as you check out these fun tales from Alterna.

The first story Kase Ratten is a creepy and clever tale with some delightfully twisted illustrations. When Katja’s brother Augustus goes to investigate a mysterious noise behind their bedroom wall he returns as a cheese loving and odd looking boy. What makes this story so eerie is how Juan Calle has made the rodent shapes appear within Augustus. Virus and Build Something Greater are both interesting little shorts, the protagonist of the latter has a very cool punk rock vibe to her which I thought was very fun. The Dolls was perhaps my favorite in this issue because of the quiet horror of this story. Tragic loss tinges a mother’s life and after a second funeral that leaves her completely alone she finds herself being haunted by life sized dolls that were once purchased for her children. Beyond this story being eerie the art is just done in such a way that makes it even more frightening.

For returning fans of Alterna there are two stories from the worlds they have previously published. A new Mr. Crypt story shows everyone’s favorite skeleton hard at work in a library and for more mature readers there is a new addition to the prequel story for The Wicked Righteous: Genesis. The issue then ends with a story that will be continued in the next release of It Came Out on Wednesday titled The Portal. It is a clever little story about conquering your fears told through the eyes of Bea and Bloodfist the Deserter. Make sure to check out this and other Alterna Comics wherever they are sold.

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