Jook Joint #1 Comic Review ( @MizTeeFranklin ) from @kleffnotes

Set in 1950’s New Orleans, Jook Joint is a series that blends the history of voodoo with the lustful energy of the city. Tee Franklin has created a world where you can find everything you wanted, but you better follow the rules if you want to survive in this southern city.

Tee Franklin was one of the minds behind a comic I absolutely adored, Bingo Love. That particular story focuses on a two women who fell in love as children and find themselves reconnecting years later after having lived separate lives for a very long time. This year at FlameCon in New York City I happened to stop at Franklin’s booth and after gushing about my love for Bingo Love she shared that she had a new comic coming out full of murder and magic set in New Orleans. I was psyched! While it was definitely going to be a complete shift from Bingo Love I am a huge fan of magic themed comics. After reading Jook Joint #1 I can assure you that her description did not disappoint. This series is definitely something that you are going to want to read.

Jook Joint is both the name of the comic as well as the name of a club run by Mahalia, a voodoo practitioner who has a strong desire to protect young women from brutal men. Not only does she look out for the women within the walls of Jook Joint, but she also has a connection to the community and can sense when someone needs her. Mahalia will not allow any women to be hurt, not since she escaped from someone who hurt her, and her methods hold nothing back. This comic is written for mature readers and there is both nudity and gore. If you are a fan of horror, magic, exceptional female characters, or are just looking to read something that is both well written and exceptionally drawn, Alitha Martinez’s art for this comic is beautiful. There is a particular single page involving Mahalia in a swamp that I stared at for a solid minute before I even moved on to the rest of the story. Pre-orders for this particular comic have closed, but you can find it in stores on October 3rd. You can find more information about Jook Joint and where you can purchase on the Image Comic website.

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