Metaphase #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Metaphase #2 is the double sized finale of this all ages series that focuses on Ollie, a young boy who has always wanted to be a superhero. Raised in a family with a superhero dad Ollie’s genetics hold the key to possibly becoming the person he has always wanted to be. The great thing about this series is that not only is it perfect for any age reader, but Ollie is also a young boy with Down Syndrome, which is so rare within pop culture.

In this final issue Ollie returns to the Meta Makers lab hoping that they can make his powers appear. One of the scientists offers to show him around the lab and when they run the DNA in a baby tooth, Ollie hates needles so he came prepared, everyone in the lab is shocked. The boss, who is secretly more than he appears to be, insists that these genes belong to The Sentinel, who happens to be Ollie’s dad and was the actual person the tooth came from. On his way home from the lab he sees his dad fighting for his life and in that moment he tries to save him, which leads to a massive reveal and change in Ollie’s life.

As a finale, Metaphase #2 is a remarkably sweet read and while it is full of superheros it also looks at helping people even when you don’t have powers. Ollie and his dad have such a great relationship and not matter what his dad tries to show him just how great a kid and person he is. I love what Ollie gets to do and how dedicated he is to helping people. With such a positive message Metaphase #2 is the perfect read for all comic book lovers. You can find this comic on sale wherever Alterna Comics are sold this month.

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