Divination Comic Review ( @Umicorms ) from @kleffnotes

Divination by Jen Hickman is a mature one shot that happened to catch my eye at FlameCon. Now as a pro-table setter Hickman had covered the mature image on the cover with some well placed stickers, which my mind totally thought were pasties. Once I stared a little longer I realized the unicorn and rainbow blocking the nipples of the character on the cover were totally not drawn on. For you gentle readers I have black barred the front cover, solely in the event that some young’uns come across the website and I do not want to have to deal with angry letters from parents.

This story relies primarily on images and not words, though our main character Alex and her surprising lover do speak periodically. The basis of the story is that Alex performs magic, but the sort of magic she uses is tied very closely to sexual energy. When she begins her spell she is seeking answers and through some very mature content she summons her lover. The two then begin to have sex throughout a majority of the story, which includes a surprising full pages involving the two in a variety of positions.

While this is definitely an 18+ story, Alex and her lover are definitely deeply connected to each other and though the demonic woman Alex is with might seem dangerous, she is gentle and indulgent of Alex’s wishes. I really enjoyed this story and the art presented by Hickman is detailed and beautiful. If you are looking for a supernaturally tied read that is definitely steamy you should check out Divination. You can find more about Jen Hickman’s work on the official Unicorms site.

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