Why I Love Killing Eve from @kleffnotes

I know I am very late to this particular show, but in my defense I managed to miss the first couple of Killing Eve episodes and just could not get my dvr to cooperate. I really did try, it just took a very long time. While I had a bit of a break I found out that the first season was available on Hulu and I jumped right in. Instead of recapping the series I thought I would focus on what personally sucked me into Killing Eve and the connection between Villanelle and Eve.

I wound up watching the first season in two days, if I had started it during a weekend it would have for sure been only one day. Sandra Oh’s character Eve had such an intense passion for what she was doing and I found her innate interest in serial killers, especially female serial killers, to be oddly relatable. I have spent my fair share of time studying crime, though in a less practical way than Eve does. When she and her husband talk about how they would murder each other I started chuckling at Eve’s response. She is practical and indulges any and all trains of thought. I also want to mention that her friendship with Bill, who was one of my favorite characters, also made me love her even more. She was so open with Bill and they seemed to have so much fun together.

Villanelle was a whole other level of interest for me. Characters presented in pop culture who fall within the lines of psychopath or sociopath are just so captivating to watch. For me I just keep wondering how someone becomes that character. There has to be so much time and effort spent blocking out certain emotional responses or thoughts. Villanelle as a character is not only identified as a psychopath, but she seems to be dealing with some sort of emotions that she is not entirely comfortable with. She wants to connect with Eve and because she doesn’t actually have natural impulses has no idea how to go about having a relationship with her.

When the two do eventual begin to have what appears to be a mutual interest in each other. Villanelle is sexually attracted to Eve and is very blunt about it by the end of the series, while Eve is attracted to Villanelle’s mind initially. By the end I would argue both of them are connecting at a much similar level, but there was that knife. Beyond the two women interacting with each other so naturally, their on screen dynamic reminded me of another television dynamic I loved from Hannibal. While Hannibal and Will’s feelings for each other were more hinted at than Villanelle and Eve’s they still had this level of fascination with each other that appeared to evolve. That interest and eventual leap to possible romantic connection is outside of standard story telling parameters and provides a level of nuance. Now in both of these situations there are definitely some unhealthy elements going on, there are murderers involved after all, but it makes for very interesting watching.

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