Thoughts on Netflix’s Gypsy from @kleffnotes

If you haven’t noticed based on some of my previous articles, December is a bit of a catch up month for me. Since I typically have a bit more down time between Thanksgiving and Christmas I try and watch as many shows as I can that have been sitting on my list. I had heard a number of things about Gypsy and I finally found myself with the time to watch it. Some of my thoughts here might not be entirely popular, but I thought since the show will only ever have this one season that I would share them.

I am going to start with my most blunt thought first, I don’t like Jean. I wanted to be able to connect with her and I just found myself thinking about how all of her decisions were just dangerous. Her fixation on her patients and the people that they are fixated on had me continuously questioning and worrying that something would happen almost immediately. Of the characters we met I think Jean needs therapy the most and I was actually a bit surprised she didn’t have a therapist, I mean even Hannibal had one and he ate people. I will say the performance of Jean is well done and being able to play someone who feels so out of place in their world is exceptional. The more Jean becomes focused on Sydney the more I found myself concerned with her behavior, every choice she made seemed poised to lead to her destruction. Sydney has her own lies and motivations and combined with Jean’s secondary persona of Diane their relationship just seemed so unhealthy.

I appreciate the inclusion of a same sex relationship, but I am not sure if I believe Jean truly loves Sydney. It felt more like she wanted to possess her because Sam couldn’t. It seemed like some sort of game Jean hoped to win, but beyond that she also seems like she wants to be Sydney. Not only does she buy the same perfume as her and paint her nails the same color, but she goes even further and pretends to be a singer named Sydney with her husband. Bringing the person she has become laser focused on into her marriage seems like a dangerous blending of her two identities. There is just so much to that relationship that feels unsafe and dangerous that while their scenes together are often filled with lust and longing I just needed Jean to tell the truth.

The storyline that I really wish had been given more screen presence was Dolly and her desire to be more like her male friends. Jean, who I thought would be better suited to handle this topic, seemed so against Dolly’s needs and never seemed to have a fully open conversation with her about what she was feeling. Her husband seemed more open to discuss what Dolly was going through and seemed like he would support anything that would make his daughter happy and more comfortable in herself. With both Jean and her husband dealing with their issues within the marriage it felt as though Dolly was being pushed to the side. I had felt her story was something new and that it brought to light how important it is to listen and be understanding when you learn someone is trying to understand themselves more fully. I wanted there to be more open dialogues instead of conversations only between the parents about their daughter. It is very possible that if the show had been renewed they would have examined this plot in more detail, but I had hoped for a little bit more within the first season.

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