OUT On Stage Review from @kleffnotes

Earlier this month the stand-up comedy series OUT on Stage was released by Comedy Dyamics and Dekkoo. This series has performances from a variety of queer comics that is not only hilarious, but also easy to relate to for a variety of people. Zach Noe Towers acts as both host and performer and pulls viewers in for this laugh out loud show, yes pun intended.

Each episode of OUT On Stage presents three different comics with Zach Noe Towers hosting in between sets and in one particular episode he hosts and also performs for the audience. As an inclusive comedic environment there are a variety of comics, including both men and women. When I initially went into the series assuming that it would include only men and I was excited to see women also taking the stage. I was particularly overjoyed to see Gloria Bigelow on screen because I had recently had the benefit of seeing her at ClexaCon in 2018 as part of the Ships and Giggles comedy show.

While I don’t typically watch a great deal of stand-up comedy, I found myself really enjoying this show. With a variety of comics appearing throughout the series I was able to take in a lot of different types of performers in a more condensed way than I would be if I were watching a more standard comedy show on other streaming services. Of the performers in OUT On Stage the two new comics, to me as a stand-up comedy dabbler, I found enjoying the most were Christopher Bryant and Brendan Scannell. I connected with their sets a bit more than other comics, particularly because of their discussions of where they grew up. Bryant made jokes up growing up in the Bible Belt and being gay and Scannell grew up in Indiana. As someone who grew up and is living in Ohio I felt myself drawn to their sharing of personal stories and seeing similarities to the society I had grown up around. You can watch OUT On Stage on Dekkoo.

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Editor’s Note: The article previously referred to the incorrect streaming service and has been edited to reflect that.

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