Strong Female Protagonist Comic Review from @kleffnotes

I saw Strong Female Protagonist at a bookstore and on a whim decided that I wanted to check this two book series out. This was one of the best decisions of my reading career. Yes, I’m saying I have a career in reading, I do a lot of reviewing which means that combined with pleasure reading seems like a career level amount of time. This series might focus on a former superhero, but it is nothing like your traditional superhero read.

Alison Green unmasked herself on live television and has decided to try and live a normal life. The only problem is that as a biodynamic person who revealed herself to the world she can’t just sneak into obscurity. In this world a strange storm impacted a number of children before they were even born. Then at the age of 14 their powers suddenly emerged. In the United States some of these children took up superhero mantels and with a bit of urging from a a fellow powered person, Alison became Mega Girl. After learning that there was something sinister lurking under the surface of the world of heroes she decided to stop being her persona. As she tries to live in her human identity Alison struggles to still try and make the world better, which is what she thinks heroes should ultimately do. This leads her to question the world and people around her and push her into some deep philosophical discussions.

Strong Female Protagonist is a series that will lead you to think deeply about the world around you and push you to confront issues that you might not always be cognizant of. In the first volume Alison struggles with what is ultimately good and evil and what differentiates her from the people who are identified as villains. She wants to try and find a way to make the world better, but can’t figure out the best way to do it. While she is struggling with this issue she is pushed to understand the choices of a regenerating hero named Feral, who has chosen to remain in constant surgery in order to donate as many organs as she can to those who need them. Alison doesn’t want someone who was her friend to go through this pain, but she can’t find a way to talk her out of it. In the second volume the entire first chapter focuses on violence against women and how to combat this terrible situation. One former hero has become a vigilante and is working to get revenge and Alison tries to understand these actions, while also trying to figure out how she can help those who are in danger. There are also deep examinations of what can be done to change the world and how this can be done through a variety of philosophical arguments. Strong Female Protagonist is an exceptional read and I cannot recommend it highly enough. You can find it both in print and online and you can find more information about the series on the official Strong Female Protagonist website.

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