Arista Arhin Actor Feature from @kleffnotes

Arista Arhin might be a young actor, but she has already amassed an impressive resume of work. She has modeled for major campaigns including Spin Master, Walmart and Hasbro. At the age of 10 she decided to transition to acting and at the age of 14 she has been part of some major series including the reboot Star Trek: Discovery.

Her first major break came when she was cast as Ozlyn in Odd Squad, an educational television series on TVOKids and PBS Kids. She then went on to be cast in Star Trek: Discovery as Young Michael Burnham. She will be appearing in the upcoming series Bajillionaires on Family Channel and Universal Kids. For this new role she will be Alice Windsor, who is part of a group of friends who are running a start up out of their parents’ garage.

The Toronto based Arhin has trained at the prestigious Second City and LB Acting Studio and has been nominated for a variety of awards for her performances. These include a nomination for Best Performance in a TV Series – Recurring Young Actress for her role as Young Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery as well as a nomination for Best Actress in a Principle Role, TV Series 7-12 years old at the 2018 Joey Awards for the same role. She was also nominated for Best Recurring Young Actress 12 & Under in a TV Series at the 2018 Young Entertainer Award for her role as Ozlyn in ODD SQUAD and won Best Recurring or Lead Actress in a Children’s Television Show for this role.

You can see Arista Arhin on Star Trek: Discovery and on Bajillionaires in Spring of this year.

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*Photo courtesy of Mark Binks*

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