American Gods is Back via @erinwise82 (@americangodsus)

Sunday night was a big night for Starz, premiering a new show (Now Apocalypse) and after forever of waiting, season 2 of American Gods returned.
Minor spoilers or maybe it’s significant spoilers, either way, there are spoilers in this article.
You’ve been warned.
Mr. Wednesday and Shadow Moon returned in a specular way, starting up where season 1 left off.

After Easter took back the Spring in the season one finale, the rest of the Gods head towards Wisconsin for Mr. Wednesday’s meeting. Easter, of course, refused to attend due to Wednesday’s running over the bunnies.

Now the talent they have on this show, each and everyone so beautiful and mesmerizing, sometimes I find myself forgetting I’m watching a television show, wholly immersed in their world. I watched those Gods step up on that carousel, asking Shadow to join them. As he looked in amazement, I did too, trying to will him to join the others, as if my thoughts can control the script.

Am I the only one who wanted to be on that carousel as it went supersonic? I also really thought Odin’s mind would be a lot more…well I guess he takes it from his old days.
After a whole season, an entire long season, we finally get to see our Gods in all their glory, and man oh man, they are incredible. It was everything I could have wanted! I can’t lie though; I was expecting Shadow to turn into a glorious ball of sunshine as his dead wife sees him.

If you watched it, you know a war is brewing, and Mr. World is pulling out all his guns…
Are we going to find out just what exactly Shadow Moon is this season? Are our Gods going to save themselves? Or are the new Gods going to take over? This shall be an exciting season for sure, and I for one can’t wait to see it!

Catch American Gods Sundays on Starz or anytime on the Starz App. You can follow them on Twitter at @americangodsus

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