The Bi Line: Nikki & Nora @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes

Every year ClexaCon hosts a Film Festival full of diverse LGBTQ+ content and I thought that for my two March Bi-Line articles I would feature some content from one specific company. Tello Films has been a partner and sponsor of ClexaCon since the beginning and this year they are bringing even more content to the convention. This week I wanted to highlight Nikki & Nora, a series that was resurrected by Tello after the original pilot was not picked up by a major network. While this series will not be showing at ClexaCon, the leads will be there.

The stars of Nikki and Nora, Liz Vassey and Christina Cox respectively, have both been announced as featured guests for ClexaCon 2019. I have previously seen both actresses in other series and was very interested to see the two of them together. Vassey is one of the stars in the Tello Films series Riley Parra, which also as a crime element to it. Seeing Cox again on screen is something I was excited for because she starred in one of my favorite shows. Blood Ties was a Lifetime series where Cox starred as Vicki Nelson, a former homicide detective forced into the field of private investigation because of her gradually diminishing vision. The series revolved around her investigations as well as a love triangle between Vicki, a vampire, and a detective she previously worked with. The first episode of the Tello series has Nora mentioning vampires and I kept thinking Blood Ties the entire time.

Nikki & Nora is a very quick watch with only one season of seven roughly 10 minute episodes. The first episode has the leads deep undercover and then reveals a new case involving a dead musician. The rest of the episodes follow their investigation into Daniel Reid’s death. There are so many familiar faces in the episodes that exist, including Jim Beaver from Supernatural and Janina Gavankar, who you might recognize from The L Word and The Mysteries of Laura. There are also some other random familiar faces from a variety of shows that will have you shouting, “I know you!” at the screen. The relationship between Nikki and Nora is so sweet and the two women have such great chemistry. While they are investigating they are also casually chatting about marriage and getting their new home decorated. If you enjoy mysteries, murder, and a little bit of romance you can find Nikki & Nora on Tello Films today.

You can find out more about ClexaCon and their Film Festival on the official website. You can also find more The Bi Line features on our site.

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