Have You Fallen In Love With Good Trouble yet? via @erinwise82 (@GoodTrouble)

Losing The Fosters hurt. That pain was eased with Good Trouble.

Good Trouble follows sisters Callie and Mariana Adams-Foster to LA, as they try to figure out adulting. With an array of new characters, there’s something for everyone.

As always, my articles contain spoilers.

You’ve been warned.

This week was our girl, Davia’s birthday! The Big 25. And it was going to be a night to remember!

If you know Davia, you know that her birthday can’t be anything less than epic and what’s more epic than a trivia bar crawl with a little Brandon Foster sprinkled on the side. It was really good seeing the eldest Foster after catching up with Jude, the Moms, and Jesus earlier in the season. We’ll get back to Brandon in just a bit though, let’s get back to the party.

Splitting everyone up into two trivia teams left Callie, Jaime, Gael, and Bryan in an awkward situation, but everyone was a good sport and things didn’t turn out as bad as they could have. Though I have to say, everyone called everyone out on their bullsh*t, but again, that didn’t turn out so bad either.

Bryan straight up called Gael out on the overheard conversation between him and Callie. Owning up to what he said, he reassured Bryan he loved him. I love them as a couple, I do, but something feels off. It seems like Callie has the same affect on people as she did on The Fosters. Callie and Gael did make amends this week, which is good, I can’t have them not bebe frien.

After Sumi tags along as Alice’s plus one, Malika calls Alice on not standing up to Sumi. While they did have fun, Sumi’s inconsiderate actions really bug me, as well as Alice. I’m actually pretty happy Sumi overheard the voicemails Alice left Joey. Alice deserves a chance to be in love and be loved back. I really thought she and Joey hit it off perfectly.

Malika and Isaac’s time was interesting. Malika is a tough cookie. She’s got a wall as thick as a bank vault. Isaac found a crack and got her to open up just a bit. If he keeps working, I’m sure he can break down her wall, but boy you hurt my girl and…

Mariana, if you cannot see Raj is totally falling for you, girl you need to get new contacts. You’ve already settled on a ship name together, #Miraj. I know they work together and things could get weird but they are insanely cute together. They also work great together, and even though he started off being an asshole, he owned it and stood up for Mariana. I ship them, I do.

Dennis, is trying to help everyone around him do right, but he isn’t doing right by himself. He gave Brandon some really solid marriage advice that has some merit in the real world, just like everything else this show presents us with. This advice was cut off by an angry Davia wanting to know what Dennis had done to her married boyfriend Jeff. He responded by telling her she needs to love herself more, she walked away saying “I will when you do”.

Both Davia and Dennis took what they said to each other to heart. Davia stopped herself from sleeping with Jeff again, trying to send him packing, so she could start new, however, he counters with “What if I told you I’m leaving my wife?” Davia RUN!!!! RUN far away! They all say that, come on now, don’t you dare fall for that crap. Dennis texted his soon-to-be ex-wife letting her know he was no longer rolling over, he wanted half the house. She told him to contact her lawyer.

Jaime told Callie he wasn’t down with being friends with benefits on her terms anymore. She ended her night by texting him she wanted more and not just on her terms. His thumbs up reply gave Callie a smile, yet it had me turning like a confused dog. I need more than a damn emoji people!

Can’t wait for next week to see what unfolds. I’m so totally in love with this show and it’s cast and crew. Everyone is just amazing.

Catch Good Trouble Tuesdays on Freeform and you can follow them on Twitter @GoodTrouble

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