Romy and Michelle Got SCHOOLED? via @erinwise82 (@SchooledABC)

Ever wonder what happened to Lainey Lewis after high school?

She got Schooled.

Contains spoilers because you just can’t do it any other way.

You’ve been warned.From Adam Goldberg’s amazing mind comes Schooled, where the 80’s are left behind and the 90’s come stomping in.

Lainey Lewis’ rockstar dreams didn’t exactly come true…yet. So in the meantime she’s gonna be a kick-ass music teacher, at her former school, with her former teachers.

It doesn’t take long for Lainey, I mean Ms. Lewis, to come into her own with the help of few teachers and the principal. Shaping young minds isn’t an easy task, but someone has to do it.

This week’s episode was beyond epic as Lainey and her bff Erica Goldberg decide to Romy and Michelle their high school reunion. But of course, this is television and things don’t always go as planned, though I have to say the whole “we invented GAK” was hilarious. The girls singing Spice Girls “Wannabe” was a huge trip down memory lane, as I danced and sung along with Lainey and Erica. Johnny Adkins thought he could steal the show by also Romy and Michelle-ing everyone, he shouldn’t have stuck so closely to the movie script. I mean come on, like everyone hasn’t seen Romy and Michelle when it came out. Even Coach got into his own shenanigans with a major league baseball playing former student, learning the kid he thought valued him as a mentor, actually valued someone else more.

In the end lessons are learned and everyone learns the true value of themselves. Lainey realized being a teacher is something to be proud of, while Coach learned he helped the ones who needed him the most.

Another family show that hits the mark every single time. This is a show you can watch with your kids and show them your childhood/teenage/early years.

If you haven’t caught Schooled yet, you can catch up on Hulu. By the way, they have a “She’s All That” episode too.

You can follow Schooled on Twitter @SchooledABC

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