Much Love For The Goldbergs via @erinwise82 (@TheGoldbergsABC)

Hats off to The Goldbergs, once again showing us why we love them so much:

The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook!

Most my articles contain spoilers, so with that said:

You’ve been warned.Wednesday, one of my favorite days of the week….Goldberg day. This is actually my son, Noah’s favorite show as well. He pretends he’s Adam and I’m Adam’s mom Beverly. So when this week’s episode came on, we sat down in front of the TV, and turned on the magical show.

Beverly wants to do a cooking show and she enlists her baby boy, Adam. It turns out though, Beverly isn’t as savvy on-camera as she hoped she’d be. Every time they went to practice their show, Beverly took on the personality of her idol, Julia Child. I absolutely adore Beverly’s personality.

In the middle of all this Barry learns he needs a recommendation from a teacher to get into college. Cue Steve Guttenberg as Barry’s super happy science teacher. Being a nosey little bug, he ruins the letter, tries to get a new one, and p%$##% off the Mr. HappyGoLucky. In the midst of figuring out where and why he went wrong, he finds out just how special his dad sees him, and gets his recommendation back.

Now back to Adam and Bev.

Adam learns a hard lesson in embarrassing moments and figures out he’s definitely not meant for on camera educational programing. And as always, Beverly killed it with her awesomeness.

My son now wants to do a cooking show with me and I think it’s a great idea. The Goldbergs have brought my son and I closer together and has really sharpened his sense of humor.

If you want to share in the family fun, with a throwback to the 80s, watch The Goldbergs Wednesdays at 8et with your kids. It really opens some awesome conversations.

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