American Gods Dives Into Shadows of the Past via @erinwise82 (@AmericanGods)

Last week set the stage, this week the story began.

9 times out of 10, my articles contain spoilers.

You’ve been warned.First and foremost I want to say, Zorya, you will always be our Star.

After having a makeshift wake in the middle of parking lot for Zorya, Wednesday figures she will be reincarnated due to her being a God, however, with no one left that believes in her, she is gone forever. Czernobog says a new star will soon be rising and takes off in search of her, to prepare her for her task. Wednesday tasks Jinn to retrieve a spear of ancient decent called Gungnir, however, Jinn’s little lover tags along. Wednesday and Mr. Nancy go off on their own little trip, leaving Laura and Mad Sweeney on their journey following Shadow’s traveling light.

Shadow is locked in some sort of insane contraption that engulfs his arms in these wire like electric snakes zappers. Mr. Town wants to know about Shadow and this contraption is of his doing, so he can dive deep into Shadow’s memories, to find the truth. There’s so much that needs to be known. Why did Shadow agree to go with Wednesday without question? Why did he agree to the heist that landed him in prison? Why does he seem to have such blind faith? Does he ever say no?

In his memories we meet Shadow’s beautiful, sweet mother. A mother who loves her son so very much and pours into him light and love. Bringing Shadow to the US from France, he’s a young man full of possibilities. That is until the day he was introduced to others’ prejudices. This rocked his world. Then his mother became sick and he lost her. During the time his mama was in the hospital he meets someone who teaches him the coin trick, with the coin Mr. Moon carries around. It’s safe to say Wednesday is the faceless coin trickster and Shadow’s mama telling him he has a light in him is more than just a figure of speech.

Luckily, Laura and Mad Sweeney catch up to where Shadow’s being held, which happened to be a train. Ok, ok it was much cooler than just luckily, they went through something called the Horde and like jumped through earth/space/gold/I don’t know, but it was awesome. Once aboard they quite literally beat everyone to blood and guts.

Meanwhile, Wednesday has parked his car on train tracks, that Shadow’s train “just so happens” to be on, and mentions something about seeing the “car” again as “Beserker” and meeting in Valhalla. This sends Nancy running from the car, as Wednesday watches the train plow into the beloved beauty.

Can’t forget Bilquis, who refused Mr. World, and is now deemed an outcast by both the new and the old gods. We’ll see if “love” finds a way.

Tech Boy is on the prowl for Media, who has up and vanished. In hiding she refuses to resurface, getting deep under Tech Boy’s skin. He’ll continue his hunt until he finds her.

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