Soul Remains Book Review from @kleffnotes

Sam Hooker expands the world of his Terribly Serious Darkness series with book two, Soul Remains. Sloot Peril wakes up on a grave and realizes that at some point he has died. Yes, died, Sloot has become a ghost and joined a number of his friends in the Hereafter. This isn’t the only thing going on for Sloot, but this not exactly heroic hero has to figure out what he needs to do now.

The Old Country is overrun with goblins and after the Fall of Salzstadt the citizens seem to be having an issue understanding what is going on around them. There are vampires, the undead, and even fairies all around, but while this might be commonplace for people like Sloot, dark forces are spreading. The leader of known as the Domnitor, long may he reign, has gone into hiding and there are those trying to kidnap him. No one is really sure what to do and Sloot has his own problems to deal with. Not only is he dead, but he and his girlfriend Myrtle aren’t sure what exactly their relationship is. Can Sloot figure out what to do and how to save everyone from the growing darkness?

I have previously never read this series, but I found Soul Remains to be a fun read nevertheless. Sam Hooker weaves humor with the dark and supernatural in a way that will tickle your funny bone, even while danger and death are continuously popping up around the main characters. I loved Myrtle and Sloot’s relationship and not only were there so many twists and turns in the story, but there were just so many fun characters to enjoy throughout. Sloot reminds me a bit of Ichabod Crane from the Sleepy Hollow movie by Tim Burton, which provided me with a fun mental image throughout. If you haven’t ever read this series before the second book can act as a good introduction. You can get your own copy of Soul Remains today.

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