In Memory of Andy Hallet “Angel’s” Lorne 8/4/75-3/29/09 #AngeltheSeries #Angel20 #RIPAndyHallet

Ten years ago today on March 29, 2009, actor/singer Andy Hallet passed away from congestive heart failure at the age of 33.

Fans of The WB series Angel remember Hallet is the green-skinned singing demon Lorne, a vital member of Team Angel.

Lorne first appeared in the Season Three premiere episode “Judgement.” At that time, Lorne was known as The Host, owner of a demon karaoke bar called Caritas. Lorne was an Anagogic demon with the ability to read minds when they sang. He often took to the mic to belt out a song or two himself.

This ability proved useful to the members of Angel Investigations as they sought out The Host whenever they had a problem or there was a big bad or upcoming Apocalypse.  After Caritas was destroyed, Lorne moved into The Hyperion Hotel departing briefly for Las Vegas then returned.

Lorne was a trusted friend and honorary uncle to Baby Connor (Though upon has returned from Quortoth, teen Connor at first hated Lorne as he was raised by Daniel Holtz to hate anything demonic). He provided romantic advise to Angel, Cordelia etc. Lorne was funny and honest; he told it like it was and didn’t care if he called his friends idiots for their actions.

Andy Hallet appeared in seventy-six Angel episodes. Lorne was a recurring character during Seasons Three and Four, becoming a regular beginning with the episode “Release”in Season Four and was credited in the opening titles for all twenty-two episodes of Season Five.

In addition to performing on the show, Andy Hallet can be heard on the Angel soundtrack Angel Live Fast Die Never.

Courtesy of taztommyboy

Lorne was a loyal and trusted friend to Angel and the gang. And Andy Hallet was a talented actor and singer who died too young and too soon. He’s missed and never forgotten.

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