Halo of Power Book Review from @kleffnotes

Halo of Power is the third book in the Mal Thomas series from Jeremy D. Holden. I have reviewed the two previous books in the series already, Sea of Doubt and Valley of Time, and each book is full of twists, turns, and lots of secrets. Mal Thomas is a character any reader can connect with and in this new book they can either experience more mysteries or check out the series for the first time.

While on vacation with his wife, Mara, Mal finds himself drawn into another international mystery involving some of the cast of characters from previous books. I have mentioned this book can be read as a standalone and while there are references to previous books in the series readers could start here and work their way backward. During their vacation, Mal and Mara are invited to see the Dalai Lama speak, but that isn’t all that happens. Following this event the Dalai Lama is pronounced dead and Mal is asked to help join the investigation. This one moment takes him across the world and leads him to learn that there is a super powerful entity known as Halo that has control over the entire world. Huw Hudson has recently joined this mysterious organization and believes a man known as Lazlo Czar is behind the death of the Dalai Lama and so much more

Holden is able to weave together important social and global issues within his mysteries that show a strong desire to not only create entertaining fiction, but also to help change the world. Within Halo of Power he discusses the issue of slavery that still exists within the world and also discusses social topics including equal rights for all people. The story in this book is a bit shorter than Holden’s other books, but is still packed full of intrigue. While you might think you have the solution figured out there are still surprises as you near the final page. I would recommend this book and the series for mystery lovers and action fans. You can pick up your copy of Halo of Power today.

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